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Having Trouble Receiving TSRC Emails??
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Over the past year, we have received several complaints and comments about not individuals not receiving information from the TSRC. Whether it is notifications of events, password rest requests or membership dues expiration, staying informed is an important part of the society. After lots of research into this issue, we have found the issue to be mainly on the member's end.

Here are the most common reasons why members do not receive email notifications from the TSRC:


     Issue: You have your work/school email address listed and your work/school email firewall blocks the email.

     Reasoning: This is a 2 part reasoning. First, because of increased need to protect stored health info of the patients or personal information of students, hospitals and schools limit what type of info comes in through their email firewall. Most of the emails sent out through the TSRC are sent out through a bulk email system and therefore get flagged by the firewall as a potential threat to the protected information or simply as SPAM. The other reason is specifically with hospitals. They want you to be working while you are at work, and not reading a bunch of unrelated work emails.

   Solution: The easiest solution is to change your email address on file with the TSRC to a personal email account rather than a work/school email account. This will alleviate the hospital/school firewall blocking the emails all together. In addition, if you change jobs, or when you graduate school, you do not have to worry about updating your email address with us and you can still get TSRC emails. The other solution, would for you to contact your hospital system or school's IT department and ask them to "Whitelist" the email extension. While this is a plausible solution, it can be very difficult to convince an IT department that an email extension needs to be "Whitelisted" for personal reasons. You may have to get your Manager or Director involved. Hopefully they will be pleased that you are a TSRC member and want to receive notifications.


   Issue: Your personal email provider is block bulk emails or filtering them to your SPAM or Junk folder.

   Reasoning: Email providers want to make their customers "happy" by filtering out emails they think could be a potential threat to the email providers servers. While it is mostly a business protection, it appears they are doing you a service. On the other hand, their are millions of unsolicited, truly potentially harmful emails sent out everyday that if opened, could affect your computer, your personal information and the email servers information. Just like technology is used for good, it is also used for bad things too and everyone has to protect themselves and their business.

   Solution: This can be tricky, but it can be done. Each email provider has steps to take to not block certain emails or to not direct certain emails to the SPAM/Junk folder. Trying to list each potential providers steps would be next to impossible. Please take a few minutes and research the steps to your specific email providers process.  


   Issue: The email address we have on file in your member account is no longer active

   Reasoning: This has many contributing factors. For students who have gone on to graduate, most of the time your school email address was used. Now you do not have access to that account and can no longer receive our emails unless you login to your account and change your address or rejoin and enter a new email address. Sadly, we find once a student graduates and is no longer require to be a member, they never come back. Another reason could be because email addresses have turned into a fad in which after a certain time people just want a new email address because no longer describes you so now you want to be Once the change was made, you never updated your member account.

   Solution: For students, use a personal email address rather than your school address. We promise not to fill you inbox with a bunch of boring stuff. We feel if we take the time to type the email, it's worth reading. What you do with the information is your choice. For those who change email addresses, please login to your member account and update your email address with us when you update Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Groupon, and all your paperless billing entities.


   Issue: You don't have an email account

   Reasoning: Honestly, in this day and age, we can not come up with a reasonable "Reasoning" for this issue, but it comes up, so we felt obligated to add it to the list.

   Solution: Get one. There are hundreds of free email account providers out there. If yo have internet, your internet service provider probably offers them. Google offers free Gmail accounts and everyone uses Google, right?


We hope that helps. If there are reasons we missed, please feel free to email us at and we will research it and add it to the list.



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