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Collin Sputum Bowl Win
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If one doesn't believe that Collin College has a tradition of winning they only need to look at the wall of awards outside of their faculty offices at Central Park Campus in McKinney, TX. This year's Sputum Bowl at the AARC Congress in Las Vegas was no exception. Collin College sent two teams to the AARC National Sputum Bowl Competition, and they both made it to the top four finals (22 total teams competed).  No small feat!

The "renegade" team of Greg Roper, Mike Goldfinger, & Seyeda Razzaque placed second in the overall competition. The team of Jake Malan, Jenifer Moreles, & Ryan Edinger who placed first in State competition and fourth in nationals are also pictured. Finally, all are pictured in TSRC T-Shirts.

If you ask about the secret to their success no doubt you'll get the same response as the man who asked how to get to Carnegie Hall: "Practice, Practice, Practice"! Texas is certainly proud of the student participants and faculty that propelled them to success. Good luck next year.


Greg Roper, Mike Goldfinger, & Seyeda Razzaque

Jake Malan, Jennifer Moreles, & Ryan Edinger



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