Biography – Secretary

Tammy Kurszewski, D.H.Sc., RRT-ACCS

TSRC State Level-offices or committees

TSRC SecretarySecretary2016 – 2020
MemberBudget and Finance Committee2017 – 2020
MemberStudent Engagement Committee2020
MemberTexas PACT2015 – 2016
MemberState Meeting Program2014 – 2017

TSRC Regional / District Level-offices or committees

TitleOffice / CommitteeYear
North Region PresidentPresident2014 – 2016
North Region SecretarySecretary2013 – 2014
ChairNorth Region Program Committee2013 – 2015

AARC Activities / Honors

TitleOffice / CommitteeYear
Invited SpeakerAARC International Congress2018
Invited SpeakerAARC International Congress2014
Active MemberAARC2008 – present
Active MemberAARC Education, Management and Adult Critical Care Section

Related Activities / Honors

TitleOffice / CommitteeYear
Active MemberCoBGRTE2012-Present

Platform Statement

Webster defines professionalism as “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person”. I believe it essential that every therapist take an active role in one’s professional organization. There is no better time than now to step up on behalf of our values and beliefs. It is imperative that as a profession we are viewed as a valuable member of the healthcare team. If elected, I would work to engage those therapists who work diligently to provide the quality respiratory care that the public has come to expect and appreciates in the TSRC.

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